Ilona Wilmont

Lecturer РRadboud University Nijmegen 

Researcher – HAN University of Applied Sciences

About me

I am a researcher working on the human aspects of health technology. My main interest is how to integrate patient questions with the potential of health technology. I have a specific focus on data collection in the context of specific medical conditions. 

An important goal in this context is to systematise patient data collection by means of citizen science: a methodological approach in which patients ask questions and determine what data to gather, in close collaboration with scientists and health professionals. 

I work with qualitative research methods and conceptual models to achieve in-depth insights in patient experiences. I am interested in human-computer interaction, citizen science, consumer health technology, usability of data collection and health assessment technology, N-of-1 methodology, shared decision making between patients and health professionals and making visualisations of complex data and technical health information accessible for patients. 

My teaching interests are (qualitative) research methodology and academic writing. I teach in the Information Sciences master and the Computing Sciences bachelor at Radboud University Nijmegen.  


Overview of current and past projects (todo)

Ik wil data! – On the use of wearables in physical therapy practice

Praktijk is wetenschap – N-of-1 methodology in clinical practice

Thesis supervision

Overview of opportunities and project ideas (todo)

CS options

Own ideas

Contact me at ilona.wilmont[at] or ilona.wilmont[at]